We have a full range of franking machines and accessories to suit your small or large business, With an FP franking machine which is designed and built in our purpose built facility in Germany and with our customer support centre based in the UK with a 96% satisfaction rating we make sure that you get the support you need.

The PostBase franking machine is simple to use and has the latest connectivity which means that you always have postage when you need it.


With it's colour touch screen and a choice of 5 different colours it even matches your office.


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FP are business parcel specialists. Whether you need a franking machine or would like to find out more about saving money on your postage, contact us today.


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FP have a full range of Mailmark™ franking machines that benefit from large discounts over stamps and SMART.


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Mailmark™ savings from Royal Mail.

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PostBase, flexible savings for your business.

Save up to 34% on your post with Mailmark™

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We provide the franking machine, ink and labels, software, and consulting to small-to-medium size businesses in thousands of different industries and fields and work with our customers to help them with cost savings and efficiency as well as introduce the benefits of a franking.

With 90 years experience in manufacturing and ISO 9001/14001 certified we are a trusted global partner.

We have surveyed 1000 of our customers every quarter since 2008, read what our satisfied customers have to say about us here.

90 years in the industry.

Since 1923 FP have continually strived to innovate and provide the best customer service which is why we ask our customers for feedback on our products and services every 3 months, we like to know what our customers think so that we can work with them to improve our business.


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Royal Mail approved.

We are not only a Royal Mail approved manufacturer but a Royal Mail approved inspector and maintainer of franking machines since 1992 in the UK and we continue to work closely with the Royal Mail.


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FP have always been at the forefront of innovation introducing the first automatic machine, the first electronic franking machine, the first digital machine, first inkjet machine and more recently the first multi-carrier machine to meet the new de-regulated age.

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